Volunteer Opportunities

One of the many things that make us proud to live in Los Alamos is the large number of volunteers who offer their skills, time, and energy to help local nonprofits. The Los Alamos Community Foundation, in collaboration with other organizations such as United Way of Northern New Mexico and Leadership Los Alamos, organizes Volunteer Fairs to connect volunteers with nonprofits. Contact us for more information about the Volunteer Fair. In addition, below are some additional volunteer resources.

LAVA  – The Los Alamos Volunteer Association partners with local non-profit agencies, matching senior volunteers with volunteer opportunities within these organizations. Every year the Los Alamos Volunteer Association Volunteers give more than 75,000 hours of volunteer service to our community! Our goal is to have healthy, happy seniors and a self-sufficient community that meets the needs of its members

VolunteerMatch – VolunteerMatch is used by Los Alamos National Laboratory to advertise and track volunteering by LANL employees. Whether you work at LANL or not, this is a good resource for finding volunteer opportunities.

JustServe – JustServe is another website that advertises volunteer opportunities.

Registered Nonprofits – Finally, if you have a specific interest, why not just contact your favorite nonprofit? The Los Alamos Community Foundation maintains a database of local nonprofits and you are free to contact them for volunteering  needs.